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Birthdate:Jan 3
Location:United States of America
*Random Passerby enters battle!*

*Random Passerby uses Scan*

*Scan subject: [personal profile] icebound. Scan results are as follows:


Name: Brier
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Caucasian; Scottish-, German-American
Occupation: Waitress, full-time college student
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Strong Against: Baking, reading, writing, singing, hanging out with friends, talking nerdy about literature, video games, boyfriend of 3 1/2 years.
Weak Against: Close-mindedness, math, spiders, spring, trolls, drama, tree pollen.
Weapon: Attacks with an array of verbal assaults. Will resort to fists if necessary. Recommended that you do not poke the subject, as it responds poorly to physical touch and will counterattack. Approach with caution.
Bio: As found in subject's data base: I'm a twenty-one year old college student studying to become an editor for a publishing company (while reading too much Medieval literature on the side). I'm currently halfway through my second to last quarter and will be graduating in December 2010, and then getting thrust into the big, scary real world. When I'm not working away at my English degree, I'm spending my time with my boyfriend, who I love dearly, baking, or feeding my never-ending video game addiction. I'm big into PC gaming and the Playstation 2 is my favorite system of all time; I focus primarily on some select FPS games, but I'll take a good, old-fashion JRPG over that any day. I have a small spot in my heart for a handful of adventure and survival horror games, as well. I love movies and music as well as books (obviously), and let these things take up the time that's not spent at work, doing homework, or playing whatever game has recently caught my attention. I also really enjoy tinkering around with HTML and I currently code the website for Sigma Tau Delta, my academic fraternity. I'm a novice at it, but I'd really like to get deeper into it, since it's fun and interesting and who doesn't need a webpage? I'm addicted to cherry-flavored pop and I love my wine and whiskey every now and then; I also eat too many baked goods. And I really hate 99% of status updates anyone has ever made on Facebook. Which is unrelated, but I do. Oh, I do.


Persona 3, Supernatural, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Devil May Cry, Pokemon.

*Scan stopped. What will Random Passerby do?

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